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Popular platforms to Target Your Vision With Social Media Ad Agency

Remind that all ads are not appropriate for all the platforms. Also, grabbing the attention of targeted audiences takes a lot of work. To learn about the specific platforms below, then go for advertising.


If you want to target a maximum variety of classes, gender, age, locality of audiences, Facebook ads can fulfill your vision. This most prominent social site supports a wide range of content and offers opportunities to showcase different advertising tools.


As a professional site, LinkedIn takes the ads of posting job circulars or content for learning to white-collar audiences.


Instagram maintains the visual appeal of photos and videos. So, those brands that produce luxurious promotional content can use this platform. Besides, Instagram is dense with young and classy users. So the ads should be different.


TikTok ads can potentially attract audiences because of their short screen time. Also, the app offers to display the ads immediately after opening it.


Snapchat engages young people with funny and casual features. Through this app, the product or service for young girls and boys can be effective for branding and business promotion.


Twitter is perfect for advertising. Here is an option to select the target audience before the promotion is held automatically.


Another high-quality visual-containing platform is Pinterest, where advertising tools should be fashionable and aesthetic. This platform is perfect for high-end brand promotion.

6 Basic Types Of Paid Social Media Ads For Promoting Business

When you are going to make a profit by digital marketing from a social media platform, the primary concern is to learn about the types of ads delivered there. Let’s check below the most common types of social media ads.

Static Image Ads

Image ads are traditional, but it has also grabbed all the social media platforms. Especially the newsfeed of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are the primary field to attract viewers with image ads.

Video Ads

Now we are in an age where people tend to watch videos on social media. And this practice creates an opportunity to persuade and boost sales by spreading video ads. Also, agencies manufacture engaging video projects like webinars and podcasts for potential clients.

Stories Ads

Story ads get a higher reach in the present era. It’s produced with minimum duration and maximum viewer interest. That’s why the opportunity to gain profit within a shorter period. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are suitable for this strategy.

Messenger Ads

Messenger ads target the audience intensively by sending text into the individual’s chat box. Marketers drop ads of their products and services as text so that interested respondents can converse.

Collection Ads

These ads can be photos or videos to present the details of products or services with gorgeous visuals. Collections of ads promote renowned brands among new audiences through social media.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads provide product information with headlines, descriptions, visuals, and links. Mostly, the advertisements for real estate or this type of product come for promotion on Facebook and Instagram with attractive attire and every detail.

All of these business functions explained above can be complex for a newbie. That’s why the social media ad agency is here to promote the reach of your brand or profile with the proper utilization of digital platforms. Contact professional figures like Bahanno Digital to achieve healthy business growth.